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Eduardo Medrano Jr. - I was born in 1991 in Los Angeles, specifically in the San Gabriel Valley, La Puente. From a young age, I found joy in being creative, whether it was drawing cartoons or playing music, anything to keep myself occupied rather than passively watching TV or playing video games. Around the ages of 13-14, I developed an interest in graffiti and skateboarding, marking the first time I felt a strong inclination towards becoming an artist or working within the arts. As I progressed through high school, I began taking art classes, where I had the opportunity to connect with other creatives, many of whom I still collaborate with today.

Upon graduating from high school, I was certain that I wanted to pursue further studies in either design or photography. I eventually chose to attend the Art Center College in Pasadena, opting for photography because I envisioned myself being out in the world rather than confined to an office environment. After completing my studies, I began showcasing my portfolio to friends and colleagues, eventually landing opportunities to assist established photographers. It has been a gratifying experience to work with brands that I have admired since childhood, feeling a sense of organic connection from the days of creating microsoft paint mock-ups on a Windows computer in 2004 to collaborating with these same brands 15 years later.

Most recently, I have embarked on a new venture by founding a gallery in Downtown Los Angeles named John Doe Gallery. In essence, it embodies everything I have learned and been passionate about throughout my life. It provides me with the opportunity to leverage my expertise in photography, design, marketing, and business to create something that transcends individuality and is deeply rooted in community engagement.





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